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Our Story

In The Beginning

Andrew and mary purchased the farm form Manny and Ethel Bloomberg in 1979. At the time it was planted with raspberriesthat had grown into a solid mass. We spent several seasons creating rows, pickling raspberries in the early morning and selling them to wholesale to Idywilde Farm in Acton. Eventually, we created Raspberry U-Pic.

Over the years we raised chickens and ducks for eggs, and kept a few goats as pets. Tyler, our son set up a small roadside stand and began selling vegetables . This led us to get serious about how to best use the land. We set a seasonal farm stand, started making small batch artisanal jams, jellies and pickles. We opened up the farm to a U-Pick CSA in 2012.

Full Circle

Andrew was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Colombia, working as an agricultural extension agent in Cocoa (Chocolate) production. Upon returning to the states, he met Mary and they purchased White Pond Farm. Andrew went to work at Verrill Farm in Concord, plowing, harrowing,  seeding and milking cows back when Steve maintained a Holstein herd. Now Andrew and Mary work together on White Pond Farm.

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