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Meet the Team

A Family of Workers

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Andrew Mintz

Andrew works day and night to make sure that White Pond Farm produces tasty, nutritious food year round and educates our community on the benefits of sustainable agriculture. He is also a stone sculptor with granite as his medium.

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Market Gardner

Mary Mintz

Mary has been a part of White Pond Farm since the very beginning, taking care of business and making sure things are running properly at the farm. Mary selects all the flowers we grow and makes eye catching bouquets.

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Farm Brand Manager

Tyler Mintz

Tyler has been a part of White Pond Farm since the very beginning. At the age of 10 he set up the first farm stand, selling produce he picked from the family garden. He helped build the greenhouses and designed the White Pond Farm Brand.

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Marketing Consutant

Alexi Mintz

Alexi has been an invaluable member of the farm team. She is not afraid of hard work and you could not have asked for a better daughter to help out when needed on the farm. She brings her business acumen to many of our farm decisions.

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